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Hi Helen, we had so much fun last night. We love FLOAT itself a lot, but what we appreciate are the staff! Their considerate services elevate the whole event. Gonna come again for my next event ♡

Hi team, thank you so much for your help last night. We all had lots of fun and the venue was perfect!! The crew was super helpful and we want to especially thank Lita, who was so attentive to us during photo taking. And thank you for dealing with our difficult requests around the music and screen projector

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Hello FLOAT team,
we had a great time on FLOAT ytd, it was really out of our expectation, no matter the event's logistic or the staff's attitude, they're amazing !


Hello FLOAT team, thank your for the event planning, it was magnificent 😆

I will definitely come back to FLOAT for my next event


Hello, it's me again,, I'd love to say the experience on FLOAT is one of the best in my life, I will come back for another event !


Helen. I have to say, the staff was excellent. Made the evening very efficient and helpful. Thank you to the FLOAT team!


Hi, we had so much fun ytd!! 

Especially the operation staff, they were so considerate 

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I wanted to thank you for a very special evening spent in our wedding and after party. As well please accept my appreciation for your crew in arranging all the rundown and logistics. That was the most enjoyable party ever!


Hello FLOAT, we enjoyed a lot yesterday.

Especially for the operation staff and bartender, they're so humorous, which spiced up the party a lot !

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